News of our guillotine system, 3000 mm length of cut !

In a leading European aluminium - offset printing - company we installed effectually our fully automatic robot guillotine system with a slitting width of 3000 mm and automatic knife lubrication with an excellent result.

The combination of our loader and unloader with our well-proven robotic system ensures that you remain extremely competitive

High performance cutting technology for the paper, aluminium and plastic industry

  Robotic System


Process steps of the Robotic System

 1. Loading

2. Robotics

3. Knife Lubrication

 4. Robot Cut

5. Unloading


Machine description

Technical data - Cutting system
Power requirements 3 x 400V / 50Hz
Ream height 165 to 205 mm
Length of cut new up to 3200 mm !
Table height 900 to 950 mm
Various options are available for customer oriented requirements.